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The Edit
The Edit: Working on Tealight – A Short Film by Matt Taylor

I’ve recently been working on the short film Tealight with Director Matt Taylor. Matt Taylor is an idealist writer/director committed…

Beginners Guide: Use Sound to Tell Your Story

To give your film an impact, sound is a really powerful tool for storytelling. Planning the soundtrack in detail will…

Video Bitrates and Storage Space: The Only Guide You Need

Understanding how to calculate storage space required from bitrate can only affect your workflow in a positive way, as a…

Codecspost production
Capture Codecs Made Simple: 5 Steps to Consider When choosing a Codec

Capture The filming process begins long before the cameras start to move, but that is where our journey begins, as…

The Real Truth About Character Development

  The Basics of Character Development Character development is the process and attainment of creating a fully rounded, complex, and…

Film Festivals
6 Mistakes to Avoid When Submitting to Film Festivals

Short film ideas can be made for significantly less money than features, increasing their chances of being produced. Film festivals…